Throne of Eldraine - 27.09 evening PreRelease

Throne of Eldraine - 27.09 evening PreRelease

Participation fee for 27.09.2019 at 19:00 PreRelease.

This is not a product, but it is participation fee.

Event takes place in Paldiski mnt. 67, Tallinn

Event schedule:
19:00 deckbuilding
20:00 1. round
21:00 2. round
22:00 3. round
23:00 4. round
00:00 5. round
01:00 6. round
02:00 award ceremony

- PreRelease is an event, where Magic: the Gathering fans get to know new cards and have a chance to play first time.

- Event schedule depends on amount of players. Deckbuilding takes around 1h and after that each round also about an houd. So for example, if there is 6 rounds, then event lasts 7 hours.

- Maximum amount of players are not limited.

- Each player gets one Throne of Eldraine PreRelease pack, what might contain 6 boosters (each booster contains 15 cards, out of where one is mythic/rare, 3 uncommons and rest is unknown), spindown dice and info booklet.

- During 2HG format, each team gets 2 PreRelease packs.

- Material used for PreRelease pack, content and packing is not know.

- PreRelease pack has measurements approx. 15h height / 7,5cm wide and 5,5cm thick

- PreRelease pack weights around 150g

- Those players who purchase event pass through will have access based on their name.


55 tk.

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Jõe tn. 9, Tallinn, Eesti

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